The commitment of the Leadership Team to Health and Safety of its Employees

Sohbi Kohgei (Phils) Inc. (SKPI) considers its employees as the most important element of its success. It also considers them as its children that have to be protected at all cost. Therefore, SKPI commits to protect them from various hazards present in the workplace by providing necessary interventions and protections to everyone.

Likewise, SKPI commits to comply with the requirements of RA 11058 and DOLE Department Order 198-18 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and the applicable provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS). It also pledges to comply with the requirements of oversight bodies on the fight against viral infections and pandemics.

In addition to compliance with the government, SKPI guarantees to have its own internal controls and policies it sees fit to the situation. By doing that, the health and safety of everyone can also be guaranteed.

Risk assessments are being done on a regular basis to prevent workplace accidents and illnesses. SKPI acknowledges its obligations and responsibilities to provide necessary tools and equipment to implement its Safety programs including, but not limited to, provision of personal protective equipment, provision and dissemination of materials on safety and health, orientation and training of its employees on OSH and other OSH related activities to ensure the protection of its employees against injuries, illnesses and death through a safe and healthy working condition and environment.

Safety and Health Activities

A. Safety Training

In order to give employees and Emergency Response Team members knowledge and awareness, several safety trainings are provided. Specialized training such as safe forklift operation was also provided

B. Emergency Evacuation Drills

An emergency evacuation drill is conducted twice a year to prepare and check the awareness of each employee on what to do during emergencies such as fire and earthquake. Training on how to use the fire protection equipment like fire extinguishers and fire hose and other roles of the emergency response team are also practiced.

C. Monthly Health Awareness

Medical/health awareness is provided to employees monthly by the company physician to give knowledge regarding the different illnesses and ways on how to control and treat them.

  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis
  • Care for Babies
  • Dysmenorrhea

D. Safety Inspection

Daily 6s + Hiyari Hatto Inspection is carried out to identify unsafe conditions in advance, determine the possibility of future accidents, establish corrective actions of each finding, and create a pleasant and easy to work environment.

E.    Safety Awareness

With the initiative of the Top Management, activities to promote safety awareness are the safety logo contest, family safety message contest, and safety declaration per department.